JAT3 English / Russian Online

JAT3 English / Russian Online

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Complements existing techniques and introduces some new concepts.

1. Alimentary canal
Sigmoid Technique: This normalizes the function of the sigmoid colon
Houston Valve Technique: This normalizes the functioning of the rectum and the Houston valves

2. COTS by level
This improves the effectiveness of the sacrum calibration (COTS) by performing COTS in different planes.

3. Clearing and protecting

Box technique – protection from negative to health energies

4. SEE – Synchronized energetic engagement
Uses the pause and levitation technique to find the best point to access the aura when using SEE.

5. Microcirculation
The microcirculation technique helps improve capillary circulation in the organs and tissues of the body by normalizing the diameter of the narrowed and expanded capillaries.

6. Heart valve
The heart valve technique helps normalize the function of the tricuspid, lung, mitral, and aortic valves of the heart.

7. Rhythm independence
The rhythm independence technique restores the independence of an organ’s rhythm when it becomes entangled with the rhythms of other organs.

8. Cranial coupling
The cranial coupling technique adjusts the alignment between pairs of skull bones after using other techniques.

9. Further extremity work
Cylinder Technique: This removes general twisting between the joints of the extremities
Screw cap technique: This „fastens“ distal sections of the extremities back to the proximal sections and „fastens“ the proximal sections of the extremities back to the body
Range of motion: This normalizes the range of motion of the extremities. This technique is also used to normalize the range of motion in the sacroiliac joints

10. Nerve tract
The neural pathway technique helps reduce nerve irritation and pain by directing the nerve back on its true path through body tissue.

Prerequisite: JAT1

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